The marketplace offers different AI and Computer Vision services which can be deployed on the UAV, Cloud or Edge devices for the detection of risks and incidents and real-time processing of video on different types of infrastructures

The project I-FLY launched in January 2020 focuses on the development of an innovative marketplace offering digital services to enhance and optimize Drone-based inspection of Critical Infrastructures.

Funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), I-FLY is built on top of the developments, knowledge and experience acquired during 2019 with the execution of the project E-FLY. I-FLY generalizes the results from this previous project by providing state-of-the-art tools for the automatized deployment of different types of digital services including artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms on the drone, Edge devices or Cloud through a user-friendly marketplace to enable timely data analytics as well as smooth integration into legacy systems.

In this sense, both drone service providers and operators of Critical Infrastructures from different sectors will be able to contract and deploy services to enhance and optimise their operations in an easy and fast way. The services which will be available on the marketplace by the end of 2020 are storage and tagging of videos and photos for reporting incidents, on-demand video alerts, detection algorithms, categorization of elements, 3D cloud image creation and GIS-based alerts.

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The marketplace and its services, both developed by Atos Research and Innovation Department in Spain, will be validated on power infrastructures from one of the most important Spanish operators. This project will showcase the feasibility and benefits of integrating drone operations and AI in the maintenance of transmission lines. In addition, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler also makes part of the team behind I-FLY, providing the marketplace with automation capabilities for the deployment and execution of services currently hosted.

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