The inspection of Critical Infrastructures is of paramount importance for guaranteeing the correct functioning and supply of services to citizens, for which they have integrated novel technologies such as the use of drones for optimising the operations. Nevertheless, there are still some challenges related to the computational and processing capabilities of these devices, which require human intervention for the analysis of the footage in order to detect risks or incidents.

I-FLY is funded by EIT Digital to tackle these challenges through the development of a Marketplace offering diverse and advanced IT services based on AI and CV, which can be easily contracted and deployed on different environments and devices such as drones, cloud or edge. The services available optimise inspection operations with drones by detecting incidents, risks, anomalies, or other types of elements which could lead to downtime and therefore, loss of income.

Join us on this webinar, organised by the Research and Innovation group of Atos in Iberia, where the team involved on the creation of this marketplace and services will showcase the current status of the project and the business perspectives for the future. In addition, we will present the use case of inspection of power lines with one of the most important Critical Operators in Spain.

Even though the current focus is related to inspection, the opportunities to use I-FLY is broad and other kinds of use cases could be also implemented (e.g. manufacturing, surveillance, insurance, major events, among others).

This webinar targets drone service operators in Spain and Europe, Critical Infrastructure operators/owners in Spain and Europe, and people interested in the use of drones and the deployment of advanced services for leveraging the power of AI and CV.

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