Webinar - Dec 4th
On December 4th, I-FLY team held an external webinar targeting drone service operators in Europe, Critical Infrastructure operators/owners Europe, and people interested in

Recording & Presentations: Webinar | I-FLY - Enabling an effective UAV-as-a-Service Market

Webinar - Dec 4th
Date: Friday, Dec 4th, 2020 Time: 11:00 - 12:15 CET Free registration: 

Webinar | I-FLY - Enabling an effective UAV-as-a-Service Market

Download the presentation of I-FLY for knowing more about I-FLY Marketplace, its services, the pilot where the results of the project are being validated, among much more!

Download I-FLY presentation

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The marketplace offers different AI and Computer Vision services which can be deployed on the UAV, Cloud or Edge devic

Press Release | I-FLY: an effective and innovative Drone-as-a-Service market for inspection of Critical Infrastructures

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EIT Digital has developed a Factsheet based on the objectives, competitive advantages, and expected results of the I-FLY Innovation Action!

I-FLY Factsheet Available