E-FLY was an Innovation Activity funded by EIT Digital on 2019, where Atos as Business Champion was able to demonstrate and integrate Edge Computing and Computer Vision capabilities on UAVs to allow fast responses without delays in a cost-efficient way that optimized data management and analysis.

Based on E-FLY developments, Atos developed a new service for Critical Infrastructure monitoring and inspections combining UAV, Edge and Cloud Computing Services, which was be validated on real inspection pilots on Enagas gas pipeline infrastructure in Spain, which was managed by Ferrovial.

The benefits of E-FLY are twofold; for the final user, time and cost reduction is achieved by UAV based infrastructure inspection, and for the solution provider, an innovative offering is provided on top of Edge Computing targeting infrastructure operators and surveillance/inspection companies.


E-FLY provided a UAV based infrastructure inspection framework, taking advantage of Edge Computing to provide the following benefits:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Less time on-site due to rapid data collection
  • Access to difficult to access areas
  • Multiple datasets in a single one flight (visual inspection, orthophotos, etc.)
  • Real-time data processing
  • Automatic detection of incidents
  • Simplified maintenance tasks
  • Assessment of evolution of incidents
  • Anticipation and early warning of possible anomalies